V. Conference

2021 Rockford University
Online Undergraduate Student Humanities Conference
“Words, Ideas, and Cultures”
Saturday, April 24, 2021

This conference will discuss cultural, theological, literary, and philosophical inquiry across time periods, genres, and cultural traditions. We encourage students to participate by presenting papers about humanistic thought, literary production, performance, and/or theological writings over time. This is an invitation to discuss together how ideas, words, and cultures emerge, change, and are connected.

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Keynote Speaker:

Dr. Hilaire Kallendorf, Professor of Hispanic and Religious Studies. Texas A&M University

Title of the presentation: “What Do Werewolves Have to Do with Free Will?”



First place award, $150 and publication of the paper in our academic journal Deinós:

  • Giovanna Maria Canu (Universidad Ca’ Foscari de Venecia) for her paper “La enfermedad y la sexualidad. Un recorrido en dos obras de Marta Sanz.”

Second place award, $100 and publication of the paper in Deinós:

  • Bevan Fogdall (Colby College) for her paper “Jayro Bustamante’s La Llorona: Combating Genocide Denial through Horror Narrative.”

Third place award, $50 and publication of the paper in Deinós:

  • Emily Whittaker (Rockford University) for her paper “STEM & STEAM: Adding Art to Education.”
  • Stephanie Prchal (Rockford University) for her paper “Existentialism and Moral Responsibility in the Age of COVID-19.”

Organizing Committee:

Organizer: Dr. Yoandy Cabrera

Co-organizer: Dr. Marilén Loyola

Dr. Stephanie Quinn

Dr. Matthew Flamm

Dr. Genevive Dibley

Dr. Stephen Hicks

Department of Languages, Philosophy, Religion, and Cultures

Rockford University